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First sensors selected sales partners that can deliver quality support for our Products.

Cosworth understands the importance of accurate, reliable strain gauging and offers competitive pricing and fast turnaround in partnership with ourselves. We have had a very successful relationship over last 5 years with Cosworth. Their professionalism and continued support for our strain gauge products has lead to many major contracts being won. 


Brookfield Technology Centre 
Twentypence Road 
CB24 8PS 
United Kingdom

T  +44 (0)1954 253600
F  +44 (0)1954 253601



Shigeaki Fujita had worked in the UK for 3 years before returning to his native Japan to create his own business. Whist in the UK we developed a close professional relationship. Shigeaki understands our products very well and the application of his knowledge has helped us engineer the Motor Cycle shift sensor to suit the Japanese & other motorcycle manufacturers in their racing requirements.  

TEL +81-22-341-9468 
FAX +81-22-341-9468

This Fast Growing, exciting company handles European sales and support for Italy and France. Francesco Sedea company owner, is warm friendly and enthusiasticand very professional. In addition to the marketing of our products he also markets a great line of other sensors and services so give the website a visit.



Avio Race S.r.l

Via per Sassuolo 3853

41058 - Vignola - (MO) ITALY

Tel +39 059 7700253 - Fax +39 059 7520181 -



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